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Architect's Feasibility Study Summary

In early 2009, a series of community meetings were held, with participation from County agencies, the County Council, the school system, the schools' PTSAs, local civic associations, and community members. The purpose was to explore various options for renovating the existing Elizabeth Stickley Auditorium. The existing space is currently not in use, and has been separated from Silver Spring International Middle School and Sligo Creek Elementary School by semi-permanent partitions.

The existing auditorium consists of approximately 15,000 square feet, including peripheral storage and office spaces. The current condition of the space is not compliant with local building codes, including Life Safety and Maryland Accessibility Code requirements. The existing finishes (e.g., floor, wall, ceiling) will require replacement.

Four alternatives were developed with the committee for revitalization of the space. A detailed analysis for each alternative is provided in the study, which you can download below.


The committee recommended "Option 3", which meets the program objectives by incorporating parterres (side balcony areas) to break down the scale of the auditorium. This scheme maintains the existing stage and portions of the existing concrete risers from the entrance level down. The existing seating risers at the back of the auditorium would be demolished to create first and second floor classroom space. The following is provided in this scheme:
  • Handicapped access to the stage by a lift near the theater entrance.
  • A stage level, ADA accessible dressing room.
  • Two large multi-use spaces at first floor. Two large multi-use spaces at second floor.
  • New restroom facilities for the auditorium at the existing lobby.
  • A series of parterres to break down the scale of the auditorium. Additional ADA compliant seating is provided by these areas.
  • A new elevator for auditorium and school use.
  • A new theater entrance and lobby space.
  • This scheme provides approximately 750 seats.

Download a copy of the feasibility study (10 MB PDF file):

Elizabeth Stickley Auditorium Renovation at Old Blair High School, Design Feasibility Study, Prepared for Montgomery County Public Schools by Grimm and Parker, Architects - September, 2009

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