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Pictures and Video

Here are some of the pictures that we've collected. Credit for these go to Julia Caswell Daitch, John Kaluta, Bill Kerwan, Dave Ottalini, the Montgomery Blair Players, the MBHS Stage Crew, and others.

Auditorium After Selected Demolition

Here are two pictures of the auditorium in October 2014 after the county performed selective demolition of the ceiling, seats, carpeting, and other items and hazardous materials removal (e.g., asbestos curtain and pipe wrap) during the summer of 2014. The lighting is dim, making for a dark picture.

Auditorium Mural Project

Created by Art for the People

See all the pictures from the installation!

Rock for Renovation On Saturday, September 29, 2007, Blair seniors Andrew Joseph and Eric Merchant presented "Rock for Renovation", a benefit concert to help renovate the Old Blair Auditorium. The concert was part of their Communications Arts Program senior project.

The show featured Derek James (from NYC), The Fighting Janes, Neil Foley (Irish Fiddle), and Blair High School's InToneNation (a cappella singing).

The concert raised $2,000 for the auditorium project!

It was great fun. See the pictures!

We'd like to thank Andrew and Eric, the bands, the volunteers, Montgomery Blair High School, and the community for making this a great success. We'd also like to thank Councilmembers Valerie Ervin and George Leventhal for coming out to the show.

Bill Kerwan's pictures of Stevie Wonder
from his 1981 visit to the auditorium

(Click to enlarge)

You can read about auditorium tech Bill Judd's story about Stevie's surprise visit to the auditorium on the Your Stories page.

The Old Blair Auditorium was raised as a top priority by citizen's attending Councilmember Tom Perez's Silver Spring Community Meeting on May 3, 2006. (Click on picture to view larger size)

Three students from Montgomery Blair High School (Class of 2005) prepared a short video on the Old Blair Auditorium as a project for the Communications Arts Program. Watch it here (Apple Quicktime format).

See how the community helped fix up the auditorium entrance as part of Comcast Cares Day.

Just two pictures of our booth at the Magical Montgomery arts and humanities festival.

Pictures from the May 13th garden party fundraiser are available.

We have posted the song lyrics for "Somewhere", which we sang to the Maryland State Senate and House.

Pictures from our February 14th auditorium tour are available!

Watch a Quicktime movie of Julia Caswell Daitch's impassioned speech about her experiences in the Old Blair Auditorium and why we should re-open the facility. The movie was taken by Mark Cohen at the Town Meeting in October 2004.

See three posters by Stephanie Nguyen (Blair Class of '05), made as part of a school project. Click on the picture below to view the Really Big full size image (~1.1 MB).

Here are some pictures of our successful trip to Annapolis to testify
for the state bond bills (click on the photos to view a larger image).

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A past play by the
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other covers.
A stage construction picutre
from a past play >


Can you name the actors?

This picture graced the cover of the Silver Chips newspaper on March 19, 1968. It is from "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."

Photo by Jon Musher.

Click here to find out more.

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