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Comcast Cares Day - October 1, 2005

From 9am to 12:30 pm, on Saturday October 1, 2005, local employees of Comcast joined members of community PTA organizations and performed maintenance at Silver Spring International Middle School (SSIMS), and at Sligo Elementary, which shares the old Blair High School building with SSIMS.

It was a well-attended event. By the estimate of SSIMS principal Vicky Parcan at least 100, if not 150, Comcast employees joined community members in a morning of painting and landscaping at the two schools. The Old Blair Auditorium also benefited from exterior work on the auditorium and repainting of its parking lot entrance and display of old show posters in the windows!

Pictures courtesy Joe McHugh and Stuart Moore. If you have pictures to add, please mail them to

Before the activities: Comcast staff and community members posed for a picture. Note how clean the Comcast t-shirts are -- they didn't stay clean for long with all of landscaping and painting that was performed later that morning.

Comcast staff, parents, students, and community members joined in fixing the entrance to the Old Blair Auditorium.

Before: The auditorium entrance windows.

After: The newly painted and cleaned entrance windows with reprints of some old play posters. Such glare of the white paint!

Before: The auditorium entrance.

After: The auditorium entrance. Much better.

Well, the "spray paint" was added using Photoshop. But the rest of the picture is how it actually looks!

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