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Magical Montgomery Festival - October 1, 2005

On Saturday afternoon, October 1st, following the morning of work at the schools, the Old Blair Auditorium Project had a face painting booth at Magical Montgomery in downtown Silver Spring. Magical Montgomery was created by the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County to showcase the diverse talents of artists and the variety of entertainment offered by arts and humanities organizations in the county.

The contributions received at our Magical Montgomery booth were far less significant than the new folks who happily wrote their names down to support and volunteer for the project, including one who had rehabilitated a small auditorium before and would like to help, another who is a Blair alum with a performing arts group that might be actively interested in the Auditorium as a venue, and a Blair alum who works as committee staff on Capitol Hill with ideas about possible federal money for the project. Our displays at local events like this makes the project more visible in the community, allows us to inform and try to address neighborhood concerns, and regularly discovers residents and many Montgomery Blair alumni who want to join the effort to reopen the Auditorium.

Pictures courtesy Stuart Moore. If you have pictures to add, please mail them to

Face painting at the Old Blair Auditorium booth was one of the activities at Magical Montgomery, the county's arts and humanities festival, held in downtown Silver Spring on October 1, 2005.

Our traveling display crafted by Ray Jenkins, showing artifacts from previous performances and activities of the day back before the auditorium was boarded up.

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